The Interior Design Process


How do we get from "the before" to the "Wow, that's beautiful!" stage? In this post, I'll walk you through the interior design process, with the help of some pictures to illustrate the steps you have to take to achieve your design goals. Step 1: Questions, Questions, Questions What is the architecture like? How about the natural light, the exits, the traffic patterns, and the

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Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Best Family Room


The first questions most new clients ask me are, "how do I make the most of my family room?" and "how do I get the most seating, see the T.V., coordinate colors, and make the room comfortable for my family? I hear your questions. Here are the answers. Step 1. Put together an activities list Make a function list for your family room. Which activities

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Want to love your house? Let’s light it!


If you want to love your house let us show you how to light it. Enhance your child’s grades by lighting their room properly. Add romance to your bedroom or dining area with the use of indirect light and dimmers. Light has both a physiological and emotional effect on us. Rooms change color throughout the day with natural light coming in from your window, from morning glow

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Climb these steps to build a room with multiple uses


I am pleased to share these photos of this newly completed family room in Belmont, MA. The bright and happy color scheme was selected by these clients who are world travelers. This is a picture story about love and a home. The growth of the love between two people which transformed a sad looking green drab house into an upbeat, personalized home filled with color

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