My new color scheme is black and blue

This is not a metaphor, it is the color of my right hip right now.

I fell down a full flight of stairs at a friend’s house two weeks ago. It was twilight, just getting dark and the lights were not on yet. I looked carefully but could not tell where the pale hallway carpet ended and the staircase started. I am grateful the staircase is carpeted. Carpeting on a staircase softens a fall and absorbs sound.

Good staircase lighting would have prevented this accident. I was lucky, no broken bones or head injury. I dodged a bullet. This is an accident I would like to prevent in your house.

It is so simple, light your staircase!

There are so many inventive and attractive ways great lighting can add style to your home. Lighting can easily be put on a timer, so that you and your guests can always see where the stairs start, without any effort on your part. A smart home connected to your smart phone is safer place to live and much more convenient. This can also be done with a $10.00 timer from your hardware store.

LEDs have revolutionized lighting design. These images show just two of the ways that well-designed lighting can prevent falls, scrapes or a permanent trip to dependence. Good lighting also greatly adds to beautiful interior design.

I am a third generation lighting designer. Please contact:

Linda at to light your life.

Love where you live.