Wallpaper is one of many choices in interior design and decor. In this blog post, I’ll show you that wallpaper is back in stunning and amazing new designs. It can create a great effect in your home, and it doesn’t have to be old-fashioned or dull; this is not your grandmother’s wallpaper!

These designs are eye-catching and contemporary; they really complete a room. Some papers have images that are larger than life. Some include 3D materials. And the old stand-by – string paper – has returned refined. Let’s have a look at some designs.

Boston Design Center

The Boston Design Center showcases a whole range of beautiful wallpapers. Some of their designs feature images so lifelike that they almost look like photographs printed onto your wall. Just look at these luscious peonies. See the chair in the second picture? It shows the vast scale of this wallpaper image.

roses-1  interior design magnified peony wallpaper

The Romo Group, who also feature at The Boston Design Center, highlight wallpapers woven with raffia and printed on cork and textiles. This gives a great effect when paired with similar-colored furniture and accessories.

interior design wallpaper bamboo backed

Here you can see this cork design covering a whole wall, and the effect is just amazing. Lighting always adds special sparkle. You can get a great finished look with the use of some simple lighting.

interior design wallpaper bamboo backed view 2

How about adding some natural materials like large potted plants to create a contemporary and earthy feel?

interior design wallpaper bamboo backed

Here’s another design. Printed cork with metallic backgrounds, like this one below, can look grounded but dressy. Paired with colors like gold, silver, and blue, this paper can look so glamorous!


Fine wallpapers by Philip Jeffries for Interior Design

Do you want your wallpaper to make a statement? Cover a whole wall with Philip Jeffries paper to do just that. I love these bold and eye-catching patterns.

interior design wallpaper by jeffries-1

This large blue and white wallpaper print – another bold Philip Jeffries design – makes a room seem like it’s sitting on the ocean. You can feel like you’re always on vacation and watching the waves, but from the comfort of your own home.

interior design wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries jeffries-2

If you want to update your interiors in a fresh new way, these new wallpapers can set a positive mood, cast a spell, and enrich your environment. If you’re in the area and you’d like to have a look at some designs for yourself, I’d definitely recommend a visit to The Boston Design Center.

I’d love to know what you think of these designs. Do you like bold patterns or subtle colors? Do you have any interesting wallpaper designs in your home?

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