Ideas on making your home a haven of creativity and purpose

Most of us are hunkering down, staying close to home and wondering how to remain engaged and happy within our four walls. Maybe your chicks have flown the nest and those teenage bedrooms are collecting dust. Or maybe your children are home from school and bouncing off the wall.

Children love to climb, build, learn and explore. You can offer these fun activities which can be done in a playroom designed to delight and learn.

Provide Mom or Dad with a desk for their laptop or sewing machine. Simple crafts like sewing or collage are engaging entertainments.

Or maybe your kids are out on their own and it is time to update their rooms into a special craft, exercise or hobby room of your own. Leave the bed in your guest room to welcome those kids home for a visit, but take out the dresser and put in a desk. If you need more room, take out the bed and put in a sleep sofa. The new sleep sofas come with air mattresses that inflate 4” with the click of a switch. Bingo, your very own hobby area to learn how to draw, paint, read, meditate or quilt a masterpiece.

A home office can be for more than just work. Genealogy, future travel research, connecting with friends on social media to name a few. Put a T.V in and you will draw in the whole family for movies.

This room was created for a Mom who wanted her college students to bring their studies to her home. We enhanced the desk with glass shelves and added lighting. A comfy couch provides a quiet place to read and study.

If you want help enhancing your home during this staycation we can Skype ideas.
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