Bedford Ma, recently sent out these little lifesaving booklets that highlight how Seniors can “Stay Independent”, by making their homes safer.
A few highlights. Since falls are a major factor of fractures and injuries do these simple things.

1. Keep floors and stairwells clutter free

2. Remove small throw rugs. If you love your larger rugs, do what the pros do. Cut back the pad 6” from each side, so the rug slopes down Tape down the corners. Or tape down all the edges if they are not flush to the floor.

3. Be aware of thresholds between rooms. If possible make them flush to the floor , or remove them entirely.

4. Add additional lighting. We humans need a one Lumen more per year after age 40. Do you ever wonder why your kids or grandkids sit in the dark? It is not dark for them.

5. Add handrails and lighting to all staircases. Keep clutter off the stairs. Think about doing a carpet runner. Carpet absorbs sounds and if you do fall, carpet is softer.

6. Add grab bars next to the toilet, and where you get into the tub.

7. Add a non skid rug on the floor of your shower, especially in a slippery bath tub. Cut back the pad 6”.

Call Linda 339-927-6137 to get a personalized safety assessment for your home. Update for now with the goal of the getting the highest resale price for later.