The interior design colors you choose not only affect the look of the space you’re creating; they also have an effect on your mood, your happiness levels, and how your visitors perceive you.

Color and lighting affect how you feel in a space. Your color choices are an important part of being your true self. I encourage my clients to use their favorite colors to make a room that reflects who they are.

During our first design presentation for this room, this well-traveled M.D. and her brilliant husband responded excitedly to a rug sample made of thick wool loops of pink, purple, and orange. Following their color lead, I showed them Osborne and Little pink, iridescent wallpaper. It was the husband’s first choice. They both loved the purple Duralee sectional. Piles of velvet pillows in a repetition of these colors was the wife’s special request. The other details and  fabrics fell into place like magic after that.

The Interior Design Colors of Happiness

interior design colors - living room

This family room feels like the Pure Happiness Color Scheme.

LED lights reflect off the iridescent triangles of purple glass tile on the fireplace wall. The right side of the cabinetry hides a pull-down, mirrored bar. After the kiddies are are all tucked in, this room caters to adults.


Looping silk embroidery in pink, orange, and purple gathers all the colors on the full-length draperies. Pretty but practical for privacy, video watching, or the keeping in the warmth on a chilly night.


The room was tidy and formal when we took these pictures. Now it’s filled with toddlers’ toys, books, games, and puzzles. Three ottomans fitted under the console table pull out as puzzle tables or extra seating. The carpet, from K.Powers and Co., is cushy and lots of fun to crawl around on!


This play space is a different kind of happy. The blues and the yellow tones make for a lovely, fun feel. The wooden jungle gym on the right has a chalkboard for lessons and places to climb and dream. Both of these rooms are in a single home in Belmont, MA.

interior design colors - kids bedroom

Global Color Schemes

To end this article, I have a few questions for you.

Has society become more accepting of global color schemes? Can interior design bring us all a little closer together? Would you use interior design colors as bright as these in your home? Would you like help finding your true colors?

Please contact Linda Stimson at for personalized guidance on your next interior design project. You too could have a home that makes you happy.