Come join me in my downsizing journey

Is it time for you to move into a home that fits your stage of life like a fine glove fits your warm hand? Savor this new stage with its freedom from carpools and school tuition while you stay safe and stylish.

This is a great time to lighten your load by giving away or selling furniture and family heirlooms that no longer defines your taste, or perhaps never did. Keep all your favorite lamps and tables but give a hard look at sagging furniture or tattered area rugs which are bad for your back or dangerous tripping hazards.

Moving into a smaller home lets you collect on your home’s equity giving you more freedom to expand your new lifestyle.

First and easiest for me was to donate hundreds of books to my local library. Giving to a good cause while emptying your bookcases is a double win.

Gather around the hearth in comfort and style.
Upgrade your old brick fireplace, with a stone facade that reaches up to the sky.

The key is to keep what works for you and toss what is holding you back. Well used space is certain freedom that creates relaxed living.

After years of perfecting the colors in my master bedroom I used the same carpet, walls and ceiling colors in my new home. This was also economical because all the bedding still matched. There is no need to change what you love.

If you have the option of owning before you take residency, do as many renovations prior to moving in as possible. Yes, I am talking about making an enormous amount of decisions. The guidance of a skilled interior designer for coordination and stream-lined project management can make the difference between a stressful transition or confident convenience.

Safe and smooth transitions Notice the level thresholds between the rooms? Nothing to catch your toes on which prevents falls. Rugs are taped down on all edges.

I had my new home for a month, which gave me the opportunity to paint and carpet the bedrooms and upgrade the lighting. Moving my furniture and art work directly into place in my new bedroom, provided me with a clear and clean oasis of calm while unpacking.

If you are about to move or your new place does not yet feel like “home”, please give me a call to help you settle in with verve, safety and satisfying style.

Looking forward to exciting times,