Details Details, details, details . Accessories pack the personality punch. In my new blue Nest, I focus on my favorite colors, memories, or whatever catches my eye at the moment. The joy is in creating calm from chaos. Finding the right place for each piece, one next to another, making each one better. Like lighting a Tree or a Menorah it feels like a


My new color scheme is black and blue


My new color scheme is black and blue This is not a metaphor, it is the color of my right hip right now. I fell down a full flight of stairs at a friend’s house two weeks ago. It was twilight, just getting dark and the lights were not on yet. I looked carefully but could not tell where the pale hallway carpet ended

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Come join me in my downsizing journey


Come join me in my downsizing journey Is it time for you to move into a home that fits your stage of life like a fine glove fits your warm hand? Savor this new stage with its freedom from carpools and school tuition while you stay safe and stylish. This is a great time to lighten your load by giving away or selling

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Pantone’s Color of the Year


We are all affected by Pantone's Color of the Year. It touches everything we see in print advertisements, clothing, and home decor, and at internet speed. Pantone's Color of the Year is an undeniable force. For me, color is intimate and in the moment. I am often inspired by breathtaking Mother Nature, a client's complexion, or a rug. Below are some favorite color schemes, captured by

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Global Interior Design Colors


The interior design colors you choose not only affect the look of the space you’re creating; they also have an effect on your mood, your happiness levels, and how your visitors perceive you. Color and lighting affect how you feel in a space. Your color choices are an important part of being your true self. I encourage my clients to use their favorite colors to

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How to Build a Design Scheme That Lasts


How do you build a design scheme that will last? By using your favorite colors and styles. True authenticity in interior design involves self-discovery. When starting to work with a new client I ask them to find ten pictures of rooms that they like and three that they hate. Sometimes I ask them to bring their favorite sweater or blouse to our meeting. We look at

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Vacation Inspirations


We all need a vacation now and then to inspire and refresh us. Nothing reinvigorates the creative juices like a vacation to a tropical destination. I recently returned from a week in Costa Rica on a contact dance/yoga retreat. The flora and fauna took my breath away, the beach and Caribbean Ocean brought to mind ways to incorporate these beautiful hues in current and future projects.

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1911 Shingle-Style “Cottage”


the Outside view Walk through the dark oak front door of this 1911 shingle-style “summer” cottage, right into the world of Frank Lloyd  Wright, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Gustav Stickley. Inner Visions Interiors has been working with the new homeowners to update and renovate their dream house.

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Nature’s Inspiring Palette


Having recently returned from a trip to the Northwest, my iPad is filled with images of rich green trees, deep blue lakes and the pastels of the sky at dusk and dawn. Brightly colored dahlias on my dining room table spur me to infuse my design work with nature’s palette. Mother Nature illustrates the rainbow of color and then a wonderful spectrum within each – dozens of

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