Mirrors Mirror, mirror on the wall, Expands the space in your entry way hall. Call for help showing your home some panache , With accessories, art, lamps and romance. Call Linda at 339-927-6137 Mirrors come in all sizes, Let’s find your perfect fit. Carved wood or hammered metal, Traditional, modern or whatever you wish. Take a look and fix your


Light Your World: Layered Lighting Plans


One of the most important elements in a home is good lighting. It's also the element that is most misunderstood by both homeowners and builders. We can turn unused portions of your home into welcoming spaces by adding a layered lighting plan. What is a layered lighting plan? The Chandelier provides overall light and the pendants are special to a sloped ceiling for

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Fabulous New Finds for the Bedroom


One of the best parts of my profession is finding fabulous new products to share with my clients. Although my personal taste trends toward transitional elements, I am always discovering new-to-market items in a wide range of styles and price points, reflecting my clients’ taste and decor choices.

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Stylish Storage Solutions


A solution to living with less stress is to design storage that allows you and your family to put “stuff” away stylishly. For a Harvard Square client, we turned lemons into lemonade by designing glass shelving that holds her large Art Glass collection. Behind those translucent windows is a view to a chain link fence and a three foot city alley. Clear glass shelving, illuminated

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Secret Sources of an Interior Designer


Like most interior designers, I have my secret sources for unique, high quality home furnishings. The latest styles in accessories, lighting, furniture and floor coverings are highlighted at special conferences and design shows throughout the world. During shows in the United States, vendors from all over the country display their most popular wares and new products for the home. I love attending these shows so

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How to Accessorize Artfully


Just as a pearl necklace with a LBD (little black dress) makes a complete outfit, no room is fully styled without accessories and artwork. Naked shelves can be dramatically enhanced and fireplaces can be adorned with beloved objects. Do you have a collection that you want to showcase? There are definitely ways to tastefully arrange objects to bring out the best composition. There should be

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