Is it Time to Refresh? Spring Special: 20% off

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Spring furniture - table

The sleek Dakota Table by Julian Chichester

Spring is Here in MA., from Belmont to the Concord countryside

Spring is here and it’s a wonderful time for renewal both inside and out. If you’re yearning for a whole new look or a quick update, Inner Visions Interiors can help. Perhaps it’s time for a furniture update!

This May, I shopped at High Point Market, North Carolina. High Point is the largest wholesale furniture market in the USA. Every fine furniture maker in the USA shows their new products to wholesale buyers at this huge market. You win here, as I can offer you the latest and greatest interior design products at lower prices.

Spring Special!

20% off all new furnishings, including sleek sectionals, dining tables, lamps and pillows.
Spring furnishings

New pillows can add color excitement to your seating. This is an easy way to refresh your look. There are so many soft and sensual pillows to choose from that I am sure we can find you the perfect fit. Add a new wall color, and your old furnishings will look fresh and renewed.

Lucite dining chairs

Lucite dining chairs are as comfortable as they are see-through. This translucent material makes your room look larger and lets you see your rug.

Petrified wood tables

Bunching tables of stain-resistant petrified wood with a brass edge

If you are looking for a quick furniture update or an update of a whole new room, Linda can help you and save you 20% on new furnishing at the same time.

Please call Linda at 339-927-6137 for an appointment.

The Interior Design Process

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How do we get from “the before” to the “Wow, that’s beautiful!” stage? In this post, I’ll walk you through the interior design process, with the help of some pictures to illustrate the steps you have to take to achieve your design goals.

Step 1: Questions, Questions, Questions

What is the architecture like? How about the natural light, the exits, the traffic patterns, and the ceiling height? All these factors and more affect how we can dress the room.

Interior design process: stage 1

Here is a family room in the “before” stage. The sectional extended right to the edge of the fireplace. If you were to start a fire, you’d burn down the house!

Interior design process: stage 1 complete

Here’s the same family room mid-way through the interior design process. A five-hour installation saw carpets and furniture installed. The new floor plan gives access to all five exits, and it allows for two focal points and comfortable TV viewing. A room-sized rug delineates the seating area. Now we are trying out art and waiting for the curtains.

Step 2: Activities

I ask my clients to think about the activities they want to do in the room in question. How many people live there? How many people gather there on a typical weekend?

Family rooms need to be shape shifters that encourage cozy TV watching, entertaining the family and the book club, exercising, reading, and resting.

Step 3: Floor Plan

Make a floor plan. Using computer-aided design, we can make the most of focal points, allow for traffic patterns, and decide on the best sizes for rugs and furniture. This is the easiest way to get what you need in the right sizes.

Interior design process: stage 3

Computer-aided design is a technological blessing when it comes to fixing difficult floor plans.

Color board

The color board is a great tool for coordinating rugs, furniture, pillows, curtains, and lastly wall color. The contemporary look in this room was achieved with a room-sized, creamy wool carpet and a cream-colored chenille sectional. Large pillows add Carribean splashes of surf and sky, pops of color, and excitement. After these choices are set, we choose the paint color. Yes, we choose the paint color last.

The Interior Design Process and You

If you want to enjoy the spaces in your home, determine your goals first. Decide how you would like to entertain your immediate family and guests.

Loving where you live is easy with the help of an experienced interior designer. I would love to help you decorate from the convenience of your easy chair. Contact www.InnervisionsInteriors.com to make the most of your home.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Best Family Room

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Inner Visions Interiors Floor plan Stow Project 2014The first questions most new clients ask me are, “how do I make the most of my family room?” and “how do I get the most seating, see the T.V., coordinate colors, and make the room comfortable for my family?

I hear your questions. Here are the answers.

Step 1. Put together an activities list

Make a function list for your family room. Which activities do you want to do in this room? How many people do you typically entertain? How durable does the furniture need to be? Do you have a place for your children’s toys, your adult bar, pets, the big game, or card parties?

Family room

In this family room in Winchester, MA, the black and white contemporary shag rug anchors the color scheme. A combination of the neutrals, the gray walls, the white sectional, and the black and white rug set the background. These basics are electrified by pops of fuchsia on sumptuous pillows and contemporary artwork.

Step 2. Discover your style

To discover your current taste, find 10 photos of family rooms you like. This fun treasure hunt clarifies your favorite furniture styles and colors, right now in 2017.

3. Make a floor plan

Evaluate the architecture and allow for seating, traffic pathways, focal points, and a layered lighting plan. Using a computer-aided design program, you can plan for sufficient seating, a layered lighting plan, traffic pathways, and focal points. Then we will know the sizes of the pieces we’ll need and where to put them.

4. Start with the rug

The rug should be the color anchor for your family room. The rug is also the item that is most limited in terms of color choice. Make your life easier by choosing this first and then matching the upholstery, window treatments, and the paint color to it. For a luxurious look, use a rug large enough for all the furniture to sit on. A large rug delineates the seating area and visually expands the space.

5. Add soul to the room

No room is complete without end tables, accessories, and art. Art adds color, intimacy, and personality to an environment. Once all the furniture is in place and the draperies are installed, the final step is choosing art.

This Jane Ritchie painting creates a mood peaceful serenity. Water scenes calm the senses.

In Cambridge, MA, this Jane Ritchie painting creates a mood of peaceful serenity. Water scenes calm the senses.

In Belmont, MA, fine art accessories capture the soul of a room.

For help putting together your best family room, contact Linda Stimson

Pantone’s Color of the Year

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We are all affected by Pantone’s Color of the Year. It touches everything we see in print advertisements, clothing, and home decor, and at internet speed. Pantone’s Color of the Year is an undeniable force.

For me, color is intimate and in the moment. I am often inspired by breathtaking Mother Nature, a client’s complexion, or a rug.

Below are some favorite color schemes, captured by my little iPhone.

Please let me know if you would like to have any of these color combinations in your next design project.

Turks and Caicos

Colors - teal blue, periwinkle and sand
Surf, sand and sun. Teal blue, periwinkle and sand.

These colors would make a most peaceful master bedroom retreat.

Blue bedroom

A Thai Orchid

Colors - hot pink

Hot pink, a close-up of a Thai orchid, for a blast of color placed as an accent in a neutral palette.

Picture grey, black and white with hot pink accents for sophisticated living.

Hot pink room

A Summer Bouquet

Colors - summer bouquet
Soft and delicate as a summer bouquet for wherever it pleases you.


HaLong Bay, Vietnam

Colors - deep greens

Deep greens, masculine browns, and a touch of blue would create a place to concentrate, counsel, work.

brown and green

Which colors inspire you? In which of nature’s bounty would you like to surround yourself? Choose and let me know what pleases you most.

For more, look at www.InnervisionsInteriors.com.

Dining Rooms: What is Your Holiday Party Style?

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The holidays, Thanksgiving in particular, are just around the corner. We can draw our loved ones together by delighting their senses with candle light, flowers and delicious food. Dining rooms are where we nourish our family, have birthday parties, and celebrate life’s joys. Dining rooms are where hostesses have the opportunity to start their own special family traditions.