Ideas on making your home a haven of creativity and purpose

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Ideas on making your home a haven of creativity and purpose

Most of us are hunkering down, staying close to home and wondering how to remain engaged and happy within our four walls. Maybe your chicks have flown the nest and those teenage bedrooms are collecting dust. Or maybe your children are home from school and bouncing off the wall.

Children love to climb, build, learn and explore. You can offer these fun activities which can be done in a playroom designed to delight and learn.

Provide Mom or Dad with a desk for their laptop or sewing machine. Simple crafts like sewing or collage are engaging entertainments.

Or maybe your kids are out on their own and it is time to update their rooms into a special craft, exercise or hobby room of your own. Leave the bed in your guest room to welcome those kids home for a visit, but take out the dresser and put in a desk. If you need more room, take out the bed and put in a sleep sofa. The new sleep sofas come with air mattresses that inflate 4” with the click of a switch. Bingo, your very own hobby area to learn how to draw, paint, read, meditate or quilt a masterpiece.

A home office can be for more than just work. Genealogy, future travel research, connecting with friends on social media to name a few. Put a T.V in and you will draw in the whole family for movies.

This room was created for a Mom who wanted her college students to bring their studies to her home. We enhanced the desk with glass shelves and added lighting. A comfy couch provides a quiet place to read and study.

If you want help enhancing your home during this staycation we can Skype ideas.
Call Linda, 339-927-6137 to make your home a haven that nurtures your purpose and creativity.

The goal of this home office was to keep her adult children close and comfortable

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The goal of this home office was to keep her adult children close and comfortable

My client, an empty nester dentist wanted to create a haven for her adult children while they study to be dentists.

The solution was a home office off the entryway that encourages study at a well lit desk or reading on the reupholstered chaise lounge brought from her home in India. Now her daughter is often found sitting at the built-in desk on her laptop while her brother relaxes on the chaise nearby. Goal achieved; Mom is happy to be surrounded by her children.

We built the room from the ground up. The first design choice, an Oriental carpet from Gregorian Rugs, combines rich periwinkle blues and warm greens. We recovered the chaise in a soft green chenille fabric adding a custom velvet polka dot bolster and silk embroidered pillows from India.

An ergonomically correct desk chair supports long hours of study. Wooden bookshelves were replaced with glass, letting light travel from the ceiling down to the desk top. This effect makes the desk wall glow, highlighting accessories and family heirlooms. All LED recessed lights were placed on a dimmer to set a mood that can go from soft warm light to brighter reading light.

The chaise and pillows invite one to relax and read under the brass wall sconces.

The Maya Romanoff wall covering, made of abalone shell tiles simmers in the light. This round mirror is framed with hundreds of tiny Murano glass flowers. The combined effect makes the walls luminescent.

The picture window is framed with full length silk draperies with ball trim. Since this room faces the street in Lexington, MA, silk cafe curtains protect privacy.

Our homes can encourage family closeness through consideration of each person’s comfort. Soft durable fabrics invite us to relax. Good lighting cheers and warms us through the long New England winter. Expressing your personality and family history makes your home warm, authentic and welcoming.

Call Linda to create your special place. 339-927-6137


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Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Expands the space in your entry way hall.
Call for help showing your home some panache ,
With accessories, art, lamps and romance.
Call Linda at 339-927-6137

Mirrors come in all sizes,
Let’s find your perfect fit.
Carved wood or hammered metal,
Traditional, modern or whatever you wish.

Take a look and fix your hair,
Decorate and design with flair.

Thank you for the world class display,
in your elegant showroom today.
#TheMartinGroup at #TheBostonDesignCenter


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Details, details, details . Accessories pack the personality punch. In my new blue Nest, I focus on my favorite colors, memories, or whatever catches my eye at the moment. The joy is in creating calm from chaos.
Finding the right place for each piece, one next to another, making each one better. Like lighting a Tree or a Menorah it feels like a holiday. Balance and fine placement make accessories visually vibrate.
Everyone has some favorite, sentimental objects to combine on a bookcase or piano top. The fun is in putting them all together.

Japanese teacup holding succulents

The Croton dying in the powder room

The Joy Light Post,Gift standing in the yard

A #Knollfurniture, glass top table. Slipped under the glass is a #MayaRomanoff wallpaper square

My new color scheme is black and blue

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My new color scheme is black and blue

This is not a metaphor, it is the color of my right hip right now.

I fell down a full flight of stairs at a friend’s house two weeks ago. It was twilight, just getting dark and the lights were not on yet. I looked carefully but could not tell where the pale hallway carpet ended and the staircase started. I am grateful the staircase is carpeted. Carpeting on a staircase softens a fall and absorbs sound.

Good staircase lighting would have prevented this accident. I was lucky, no broken bones or head injury. I dodged a bullet. This is an accident I would like to prevent in your house.

It is so simple, light your staircase!

There are so many inventive and attractive ways great lighting can add style to your home. Lighting can easily be put on a timer, so that you and your guests can always see where the stairs start, without any effort on your part. A smart home connected to your smart phone is safer place to live and much more convenient. This can also be done with a $10.00 timer from your hardware store.

LEDs have revolutionized lighting design. These images show just two of the ways that well-designed lighting can prevent falls, scrapes or a permanent trip to dependence. Good lighting also greatly adds to beautiful interior design.

I am a third generation lighting designer. Please contact:

Linda at www.InnerVisionsInteriors.com to light your life.

Love where you live.

Come join me in my downsizing journey

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Come join me in my downsizing journey

Is it time for you to move into a home that fits your stage of life like a fine glove fits your warm hand? Savor this new stage with its freedom from carpools and school tuition while you stay safe and stylish.

This is a great time to lighten your load by giving away or selling furniture and family heirlooms that no longer defines your taste, or perhaps never did. Keep all your favorite lamps and tables but give a hard look at sagging furniture or tattered area rugs which are bad for your back or dangerous tripping hazards.

Moving into a smaller home lets you collect on your home’s equity giving you more freedom to expand your new lifestyle.

First and easiest for me was to donate hundreds of books to my local library. Giving to a good cause while emptying your bookcases is a double win.

Gather around the hearth in comfort and style.
Upgrade your old brick fireplace, with a stone facade that reaches up to the sky.

The key is to keep what works for you and toss what is holding you back. Well used space is certain freedom that creates relaxed living.

After years of perfecting the colors in my master bedroom I used the same carpet, walls and ceiling colors in my new home. This was also economical because all the bedding still matched. There is no need to change what you love.

If you have the option of owning before you take residency, do as many renovations prior to moving in as possible. Yes, I am talking about making an enormous amount of decisions. The guidance of a skilled interior designer for coordination and stream-lined project management can make the difference between a stressful transition or confident convenience.

Safe and smooth transitions Notice the level thresholds between the rooms? Nothing to catch your toes on which prevents falls. Rugs are taped down on all edges.

I had my new home for a month, which gave me the opportunity to paint and carpet the bedrooms and upgrade the lighting. Moving my furniture and art work directly into place in my new bedroom, provided me with a clear and clean oasis of calm while unpacking.

If you are about to move or your new place does not yet feel like “home”, please give me a call to help you settle in with verve, safety and satisfying style.

Looking forward to exciting times,