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Come join me in my downsizing journey


Come join me in my downsizing journey Is it time for you to move into a home that fits your stage of life like a fine glove fits your warm hand? Savor this new stage with its freedom from carpools and school tuition while you stay safe and stylish. This is a great time to lighten your load by giving away or selling

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Home Safety


Bedford Ma, recently sent out these little lifesaving booklets that highlight how Seniors can “Stay Independent”, by making their homes safer. A few highlights. Since falls are a major factor of fractures and injuries do these simple things. 1. Keep floors and stairwells clutter free 2. Remove small throw rugs. If you love your larger rugs, do what the pros do. Cut back the pad

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Light Your World: Layered Lighting Plans


One of the most important elements in a home is good lighting. It's also the element that is most misunderstood by both homeowners and builders. We can turn unused portions of your home into welcoming spaces by adding a layered lighting plan. What is a layered lighting plan? The Chandelier provides overall light and the pendants are special to a sloped ceiling for

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Is it Time to Refresh? Spring Special: 20% off


  The sleek Dakota Table by Julian Chichester Spring is Here in MA., from Belmont to the Concord countryside Spring is here and it's a wonderful time for renewal both inside and out. If you're yearning for a whole new look or a quick update, Inner Visions Interiors can help. Perhaps it's time for a furniture update! This May, I shopped at

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The Interior Design Process


How do we get from "the before" to the "Wow, that's beautiful!" stage? In this post, I'll walk you through the interior design process, with the help of some pictures to illustrate the steps you have to take to achieve your design goals. Step 1: Questions, Questions, Questions What is the architecture like? How about the natural light, the exits, the traffic patterns, and the

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Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Best Family Room


The first questions most new clients ask me are, "how do I make the most of my family room?" and "how do I get the most seating, see the T.V., coordinate colors, and make the room comfortable for my family? I hear your questions. Here are the answers. Step 1. Put together an activities list Make a function list for your family room. Which activities

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Dining Rooms: What is Your Holiday Party Style?


The holidays, Thanksgiving in particular, are just around the corner. We can draw our loved ones together by delighting their senses with candle light, flowers and delicious food. Dining rooms are where we nourish our family, have birthday parties, and celebrate life’s joys. Dining rooms are where hostesses have the opportunity to start their own special family traditions.

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