20130125-162221.jpgHow do you build a design scheme that will last? By using your favorite colors and styles. True authenticity in interior design involves self-discovery. When starting to work with a new client I ask them to find ten pictures of rooms that they like and three that they hate. Sometimes I ask them to bring their favorite sweater or blouse to our meeting.

We look at the photos together and within ten minutes I can tell them which style suits them best from their selections. I find the common threads then weave their ideas into a full tapestry from which to work.  I ask clients to create a Houzz idea book or Pinterest board that we can share and review.

In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed the order of room elements to choose for our color scheme. I like to start with the rug and flooring. I call it the anchor of the room. Next comes upholstery fabrics – furnishings, window treatments and accessories. And finally, I choose the wall covering color whether paint, wallpaper or woodwork.

I love color! Here is a color-wheel I created for a talk I gave at the Home Show. You can use this as a guide to figure out what colors you love and will make you happy to come home.Linda Stimson color wheel

I go to great lengths to help clients find their palette because I know the right color scheme can cheer a person’s mood, heal and soothe, and make you look your prettiest by complementing your complexion.


This color board shows the fabrics for the furnishings – pillows, ottomans, sectional, and window treatments.


To Use the Pantone Colors of the Year or Not?

We hear a lot about the Pantone Colors of the Year – for 2016 they chose two: Rose Quartz and Serenity. While these are beautiful colors and they may work well in a nursery, unless they are your favorite colors, I wouldn’t advise using them in your decor. They will date the room as soon as the next hot color comes along. However, if these are your fondest hues, then we can talk about all the ways to create a dynamic space with these colors.