Reawakening a 1911 home in Acton

Jaci Conry writes about a recently completed project by Inner Visions Interiors in The Boston Globe, Style page. The 1911 Shingle-style home in Acton features beautiful architecture, new furnishings by Kravet Smart Furniture, Stickley and Hubbardton Forge lamps. Read more Reawakening a shingle-style home in Acton - Boston Globe

If Your Walls Could Talk…Part 1

If your walls could talk, they’d ask to be covered with textured porcelain tile that creates the illusion of being in the ocean. Or, ‘clad me in an Osborne & Little pink iridescent wallpaper’ they might shout. Maybe they would whisper ‘just paint me in Benjamin Moore “Bright and Early” (834).’

Vacation Inspirations

We all need a vacation now and then to inspire and refresh us. Nothing reinvigorates the creative juices like a vacation to a tropical destination. I recently returned from a week in Costa Rica on a contact dance/yoga retreat. The flora and fauna took my breath away, the beach and Caribbean Ocean brought to mind ways to incorporate these beautiful hues in current and future projects.

Stylish Storage Solutions

A solution to living with less stress is to design storage that allows you and your family to put “stuff” away stylishly. For a Harvard Square client, we turned lemons into lemonade by designing glass shelving that holds her large Art Glass collection. Behind those translucent windows is a view to a chain link fence and a three foot city alley. Clear glass shelving, illuminated by LEDs, holds her multi-colored collection while eliminating the nasty view. A cozy breakfast nook is neat and organized.

Secret Sources of an Interior Designer

Like most interior designers, I have my secret sources for unique, high quality home furnishings. The latest styles in accessories, lighting, furniture and floor coverings are highlighted at special conferences and design shows throughout the world. During shows in the United States, vendors from all over the country display their most popular wares and new products for the home. I love attending these shows so that I can offer my clients items they won’t find locally and at better prices.

Insider’s View of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Cooke House

I have been privileged to have an inside view of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Cooke House in Virginia Beach, VA. Commissioned in 1951 and built in 1959 towards the end of FLW’s career, a family member has owned the home for more than 30 years. We have celebrated weddings, Thanksgiving and many other occasions there together. I never realized what a treasure this home was until they put it up for sale. I recently re-visited the house and came away with greater appreciation of its glories. Here are some of the remarkable aspects of the house that have been incorporated into modern homes and can be used in your own project. FLW felt that the inside and outside of a home should merge. making it feel like  part of the landscape. He took great pains to site his homes within their natural settings – and this one is perfect. It is hidden from the street and neighbors for privacy and takes full advantage of the views of Crystal Lake, near Chesapeake Bay. The home exudes a peaceful aura – you feel calm when you walk through the front door. Filled with light, there are banks of floor to ceiling windows in a semi-circle – hence the name: hemicycle architecture.

Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays

Just as we like to dress up during the holiday season – add festive touches to our LBDs – our homes can also be embellished for entertaining this time of the year. No matter what your faith, there are ways to make your rooms feel special Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Delight all of your senses as you add your own perennial favorites and create new traditions:

Floorplans That Encourage Intimate Conversation

Do you want to hear the secret that your best friend is about to tell you? Then you’ll need a floorplan that encourages intimate conversation. You also want your floorplan to maximize the use of the space and optimize the main focal points in the room – a beautiful view, a statement fireplace, or often the television. Many of us live much more informally than our parents did. And, media is now allowed in more formal settings. We plan for the most seating that your room permits, allowing for traffic pathways, lamps on end tables and conversation clusters. The main goal is  to arrange the furniture to encourage easy communication with family and friends. Here are some tips for arranging furnishings in living spaces:

Want to love your house? Let’s light it!

If you want to love your house let us show you how to light it. Enhance your child’s grades by lighting their room properly. Add romance to your bedroom or dining area with the use of indirect light and dimmers. Light has both a physiological and emotional effect on us. Rooms change color throughout the day with natural light coming in from your window, from morning glow to the noon sun, to fading light in the afternoon. Good lighting design uses both daylight and artificial light; and,  can set and enhance the mood of the interior space. How do we use lighting? You can create dramatic accents on objects and spaces that you love and reduce importance to those which you feel are not as desirable.

1911 Shingle-Style “Cottage”

the Outside view Walk through the dark oak front door of this 1911 shingle-style “summer” cottage, right into the world of Frank Lloyd  Wright, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Gustav Stickley. Inner Visions Interiors has been working with the new homeowners to update and renovate their dream house.